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Jeff Stanton on Phil Denton Honda


The 1980 CR250 frames finally arrived a few days ago - they've been stuck in a container between here and Florida for almost 2 months! Our stress level has been mounting as we've been waiting for them but now they're here at last, we've finally been able to get 'stuck in' and start to make real progress.

We've finished modifying one of the frames to take the CR480 engine and the mods to the other have been started. Hopefully we can finish them both and get them off to the powder coaters next week.

The engine cases are ready to go off to the paint shop. The cylinders will be going to be vapour blasted as soon as Steve's finished the porting.

The new gears that are being made for us, should be finished next week as should the 'super trick' KLP alloy swing arms.