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Details are Important!

RC-Titanium perfect for that factory touch

“RC style” handlebar top bridges

fit perfectly on to standard Honda lower mount

Our 1986 CR 250 project bike....

we’re assuming, you had to run a long side it.

Motor sprayed without removing it

from the frame with “back to black”.

The water pump

was very obviously rotten

The barrel, all nice and clean

prior to being re-nikasil plated

Rear disc conversion

close to the 1986 factory RC conversion as possible

Bracket for the brake reservoir

RC look instead of copying the ‘87 production version

Get the conversion looking “right"

Move the master cylinder to be moved 14mm further forward.

Factory version on the left

Stevie’s on the right... looks pretty close!

Stevie machined the top

off the master cylinder to look more like the RC version

Hand fabricated guard

The Titanium button head screws finish it off nicely

Later, ’96 CR 350 hubs

we machined all the casting marks off!

A customer sent us his 1988 CR 125

bottom end for refurbishment