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Deadline Fast Approaches!

Well, what a week we've had! Immense pressure as the deadline for completing the two 480cc machines fast approaches. There's loads still to do but also the 'small matter' of having to earn a living and, most importantly, work to do for customers. We're certainly looking forward to Veterans MXDN 2012!

Fortunately, our dear friend Mark 'The Hermanator' Freudenau gave up a week of his annual holiday to come and help us out, so good progress has been made.

After completely re-organising our workshop, Mark rebuilt the seats with new foams and covers and our billet alloy brackets and internal captive nuts. The fork stanchions arrived back from being re-hard chromed and, in his usual meticulous fashion, Mark re-assembled one pair and prepared all of the components of the other pair ready for re-assembly.

The real worry has been the frame modifications. We have four frames and we chose the two that we felt were in the best condition. Even so, we struck some major problems, which underlines the fact that we're dealing with 30 year old frames that have had a very hard life. We're effectively building factory standard machines from scrap. Wouldn't it be lovely to have the luxury of new frames. However, a long day in the workshop on Sunday has finally seen the frames finished and ready to go for powder coating.